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Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance


Leaving a Legacy 

Although the process of asset recovery is a matter of international justice and independence, domestic law enforcement agencies have to be equipped with the skills, knowledge and means to combat future internal wrongdoing; training and capacity building is a fundamental aspect of self-governance.

ARM’s capacity building and technical assistance practice is designed to leave a legacy and is conducted alongside live casework to ensure local law enforcement have the means to conduct investigations autonomously. Training is developed in light of our experience in the private, public and international sectors. It incorporates international standards, relevant legislation and best practice. It addresses regional and national idiosyncrasies.

Capacity Building

ARM provides detailed and country specific training, monitoring and review in the following areas:

  • Investigation
    Practical and on-hand training from experienced police/security personnel

  • Financial Intelligence Units
    Specific training in accordance with Egmont FATF requirements in cooperation with other relevant State bodies and the private sector to ensure the maximum level of cooperation and enforcement

  • Private Sector
    The development of private enterprise regulatory best practice and robust due diligence

  • Litigation
    Training and on-hand support for prosecutors in domestic prosecutions and assistance with formulating external requests/MLA for extra-jurisdictional matters

  • Judicial
    Judicial training by serving and retired Members of the Judiciary with specific focus on the timely disposal of forfeiture claims

  • Legislative
    Advice and assistance to lawmakers and governments on improvements to asset recovery legislation, how to ‘fill the gaps’ and where, if at all, such powers fall below international standards

Technical Assistance

ARM provides access to experienced, expert financial and forensic investigators to assist in asset recovery:

  • Freezing
    Assistance with the filing of interlocutory applications across jurisdictions and the facilitation of MLA requests

  • Forfeiture
    Armed with a comprehensive understanding of both civil and conviction based forfeiture, we can ensure that all possible legal remedies are explored (concurrently or consecutively). Victim states will be provided with the best strategy for the successful and timely forfeiture of assets

  • Repatriation
    Assistance through the delicate process of returning assets to their rightful owners, being sensitive to political and third party issues that may arise, ensuring a robust, final legal solution.